Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm King Contest

I'm King is putting up their first contest for this year. It's a questionnaire and the first person to get all the questions correct will receive a Kelly Green "King Me" flannel. Three runner-ups will be able to get an "IM KING BITCH" t-shirt in the colors available in their size. Please submit the answers to
Lets get this started!

1. Who was the 23rd US president?
2. What was the name of the bunny in the movie Donnie Darko?
3. Who was the number 45 draft pick in the 1993 nba draft?
4. What planet did "ALF" come from?
5. What cross-streets in las vegas did Tupac get shot on?

Winners will be announced on Monday, March 10th.

Don't forget to submit your answers to and the size you wear.

Hellz Bellz 2008 Spring Collection 1st Delivery

On the heels of yesterday's awesome Insa x Hellz Bellz Denim comes a full fledged look at one of streetwear's strongest women brands out there. For the 2008 Spring collection, they examine the revolutionary women movements of the 70s and 80s with their usual mix of strength, individuality and feminine flair. Check the whole collection's look book over at Hellz Bellz.

Nike Be True Chronicles A# Alphanumeric | Low Pro B

The latest in the Nike Be True Chronicles are two Dunks released at the early tail end of the huge Nike SB explosion. The first feature includes the Alphanumeric Dunk which comes at no better time with the recent resurgence of the whole A# movement. Aside from detailing the history of the collaboration, an in-depth interview with Alyasha Owerka-Moore can also be viewed. The other Dunk can be thanked for it's role in the second wave of Dunks, the Low Pro B. This newly engineered Dunk would become the catalyst for many Dunks to come with it's Air Zoom insole and fat tongue. Check out the Nike Be True Chronicles here.

Honeyee Mag Vol. 4

News has run rampant regarding the upcoming Hoods Hong Kong store opening next month in Hong Kong. Honeyee Mag Vol. 4 will cover the reasoning behind Neighborhood/WTAPS and their choosing of Hong Kong relative to other big cities. The overall theme of Vol. 4 is a worldwide adventure with other information including the previously seen Fragment x Nintendo DS Lite. Available in Japan on March 17th.

Source: Honeyee

Dr. Romanelli x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

After much news and fanfare, the Dr. Romanelli x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star will hit UNDFTD today. The All Star created as part of the (PRODUCT) RED initiative has side benefits as it doubles as a humanitarian effort in bringing in the private sector to benefit. The shoe itself is covered in bandages as a reminder there is a fix for a positive change. Check your local UNDFTD dealer for availability.


Juno of Hong Kong lifestyle brand SiLLY THING has teamed up with Japanese jewelry and accessories label JAM HOME MADE on a pair of sunglasses. The new direction of SiLLY THING has been foreshadowed by many as ST looks to present a more mature aesthetic, which is signified by this collaboration. No word yet on a release date but be on the look out for more photographs.

Medicom Toy Futura Bearbrick Collection

To correspond with the Medicom Toy Futura Bearbrick which was shown last year, a matching collection of clothing has been unveiled. Aside from the original tees shown, there's a further collection of items including raglan S/S tees, lighters, fitted caps and distressed selvedge denim. All the items will be available at the FL Shop on March 8th, while the denim will be released early next month.

Huf x HomeRoom Hufquake 1 of 1 Custom Hoodie

In a new upcoming personal project for Alex Valdman of HomeRoom, the little elfish bundle of joy has looked to some of his most inspirational peers to recreate and reinterpret some of their previous hits. The first one on deck is a rehash of HUF's collection of Hufquake hoodies created by Benny Gold as he combines separate hoodies into an all new piece. Other anticipated pieces include Stussy, Nautica, Polo, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Original Sears and Levis work wear (circa 1960's).

Source: HomeRoom

Parallel Strokes by Ian Lynam

Author Ian Lynam delves deeper into the intricacies of the graffiti world as he attempts to bridge the connection between type design and graffiti itself. The 244 page book spans interviews from artists around the world as they offer their insights on not only the origin of graffiti but also topics of issue such as the development in various contexts. Available for sale at a price of $25 USD directly through Parallel Strokes.

Source: Grotesk

Garbstore 2008 Spring/Summer Collection

Pieces include the Flying Jacket, Nam Battle Shirt, M.O.D. M6 Jacket, Ricky Was Mechanic Shirt, 70s Repro Knit and Army Jumper. Available now at Hanon Shop.

Nike "Wingtip" Dunk Premium Pack

Well now the Jordan 11s arent the only pair of kicks to be seen at a prom. The new nike pack features detailed perforations starting from the middle of the toe box, also with patent leather panels.

Source: LTD Online

Deluxe 2008 Spring Collection

Deluxe has unveiled their newest additions to their 2008 Spring collection. On a superficial level, the garments are simple with discrete details playing a huge part in the character of each piece. This drop includes denim, knits and accessories among other things. Available through the Bridge Store.

Maiden Noir 2008 Spring/Summer Collection

Jon Burgerman x Nike "Magnificent 7" Pack

Jon Burgerman, Incorporating themes of the carnivorous Venus fly trap, English street artist set forth in creating a related pack of seven sneakers for Nike. The seven different designs are seen over various lifestyle models from classic and popular running models like the Air Max 1/90 to lesser seen derivatives of the Air Max LTD and Shox NZ. Available now at Foot Locker Europe, but no word yet on worldwide availability.

Source: Wildstyle

UNDFTD Strikes Trucker Ball Cap

The trucker cap fad was huge in the States years ago thanks to celebrities like Ashton Kutcher. Eventually the trucker cap was replaced by the Fitted Caps and this style of headwear is still going strong in the States. However in Asia, the trucker caps paint a different story. Although the Fitteds have slowely emerged into the Asian market, majority of hat wearers still go for the trucker. So to satisfy both fitted and trucker cap fans, New Era has decided to team up with UNDFTD to create this Strikes Trucker Ball Cap giving you the best of both worlds. This cap will be available in four colors and will be released in Japan at Undefeated stores on March 8th. (WORDS BY HYPE BEAST)

Recon 2008 Spring Collection

The Futura x Stash retail space Recon has quickly become a big-time stop for sneakers not to mention producing their own collection of apparel from the dynamic duo of the graf world. Here's a look at a collection from their 2008 Spring collection with designs including their classic Barb design, Batter Up tee and Souled Out tee.(WORDS BY HYPE BEAST)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fruition x UNDFTD x Stussy Las Vegas Grand Opening T-shirt

Stussy Las Vegas is only a few days away from its grand opening this Friday. Two of Vegas' biggest players in vintage store Fruition and sneaker spot UNDFTD have welcomed Stussy as they get together on a three way collaboration t-shirt. Here's the teaser released dropped by Eddie Cruz.

Casio G-Shock 25th Anniversary Ocean Gray | Rastafarian

Becoming the posterchild for affordable and durable watches, through 25 years Casio G-Shock has been put through its paces. Two new packs include the 25th Anniversary special edition Ocean Gray set and the Rastafarian pack. The Ocean Gray pack includes translucent rubber throughout in a special collectors box. The Rastafarian movement has unfortunately become mostly associated and reduced to a palette of colors as it is seen here on this other pack of G-Shocks. Both will release in Japan on March 21st.

Source: e-Casio

Reason 2008 Spring/Summer Collection

At the bottom of every Reason design is a decidedly fun and playful approach to their themes. Although not entirely visible throughout these pieces, Reason has definitely exemplified a playful nature which will undoubtedly seen throughout other pieces from this season's collection. Seen here are Jungle Stripe Crew and Shorts and Reason's technical offering the Mini Dot Tech Jacket. Available now at Invisible Stripes and directly through the Reason Online Store.